Monday, March 5, 2012

52 Week Challenge: Polka Dot Nails

Sorry for the lack of posting last week,  my life got a little crazy and I was actually so excited for the Weekly Challenge and Vintage Nails, that I just over thought it and didn't do anything. hah Sorry guys.
I do have Polka Dot nails, almost on time. Also I'm entering this into Chalkboard Nails' doting tool contest! Yay! I haven't entered a contest in a looong time! You guys should check it out, and enter if you happen to have some polka dot nails on hand (since the deadline is a few hours away.. haha I can't help but wait to the last second for everything! ha)
You can also see the other designs I was brainstorming for this contest here. Hope you guys like it! ^_^

Sorry for horrible clean up.. one day I'll get that right!

Whoops, totally smushed my index finger!
My inspiration for these nails was this pattern:
Can you guys tell??? What's your thoughts on this?
What I used:
Base: Wet N' Wild Megalast-On a Trip
Dots: China Glaze-Grape Pop
Finger Paints-Amethyst Atelier
China Glaze-Flying Dragon
Sinful Colors-Creme Pink


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