Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Venturing into Gels and Acrylics!

Truth be told, I wrote this up months ago, so you can see my level of procrastination. hah

Oh hey guys!! I'm back(ish). Life's been crazy, and I've been quite uninspired in all artistic aspects of my life, including nails. Also my nails have been breaking like crazy and are nubs, hence why I decided to try the whole acrylic tips thing. From what I've read the soak off gels, are the least damaging to the nails as well. Hopefully when they grow out a little I can ditch the tips and just stick with some gel, so these babies don't keep breaking on me.

Here's the results of  my first attempt at venturing into soak gels with acrylic tips. I think it came out decent, but I have a long way to go!

  • Acrylic tips
  • IBD Dehydrate 
  • IBD Clear gel
  • IBD Builder gel
  • ECO Soak Off Gel Color in Bare Foot Pink (2 coats I believe)
  • Clear gel mixed with some AC Moore glitter, trying to make it as flat as possible
  • Another thin coat of Clear 
  • For the leopard spots just a no name Hot Topic polish and some black stripping polish 
  • Topped it all off with a coat of the IBD UV Top Coat. I found you can use regular polish on top of the gels, with the UV Top Coat, and it lasts pretty much as long as the nails last, with maybe just a little cracking of the polish. 

My thoughts:
Truth be told these were a little thick, but after a few days I got used to them. The glitter on in the tips is a little messy.

I used the IBD Soak Off Gel System, (bought it here,, as I've said before, I love these guys!) for these. It's a great starter kit for gels!

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