Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pink Wednesday-Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

As I've said before, beside nails and makeup, I also have quite the love of shoes. I think I have well over 100 pairs..which is really bad now when I think about it. Shoes are great though. They make you feel sexy when you're having a bad day. You can go shopping for them and they never make you feel fat. They can really make an outfit. Etc..

To make this shoe mani really special, I added a bling accent nail, which was a major pain in the ass! The thing that really bothered me about this mani was less than 24 hours after I finished the polish just peeled right off! I was beyond pissed!I think the culprit was old Seche Vite that was maybe too thick.
I <333 this mani so damn much! I really have to use that shoe stamp again soon!
This bling accent nail was a major pain! Next time I'm doing it was rhinestones!
 To make this blingy accent nail, first I painted the nail silver with Wet n'Wild's Silvivor.  I worked in sections starting from the cuticle. I did a strip of top coat then placed a row or two of sequins on it before it dried. I used a toothpick to pick up the sequins. I also did a gradient of sorts, starting with 2 rows of a transparent opalescent color, then two rows of an opaque opal color and then three of a purple holo color.

I hope that makes sense. Next time I do it I'll try to make a tutorial.

There's some pink in there, so I think it qualifies for  Pink Wednesday :)

What I Used:
Base Color:Wet n' Wild Cancun  
Color: OPI DS Signature

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