Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pink Wedn-ursday: St Paddy's Day Edition.

I've decided to title these nails "4 AM" hah.. The stamping of these lips came out messy and it reminds me of those late nights out, when your makeup is disaster, your hair is wild, and overall you're just a disheveled version of what you looked like 5 hours before. hah You guys know what I'm talking about... haha
So just a side note, I went to my favorite store to pick up some more Seche Vite, and also got my first Essie polishes yesterday, and I'm beyond excited! I don't know why I never got any before, but I will definitely be buying more in the future. The formula is great and Super Bosa Nova worked great for stamping, and Pretty Edgy covered the tips in one coat! I got some gorgeous colors too, with subtle duochrome micro glitters. I can't wait to use the rest of them!
I actually really liked the foliage, so I kept it in for a fun "bonus pic" haha

What  I Used:
Base: Maybelline Express Finish Blushing Bride
Lips: Essie Super Bossa Nova
Tips: Pretty Edgy


  1. Hey love, I've given you an award :)

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  2. Love the lips!! Oh so cute love!

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  4. Love this!
    Would you like to follow each other? :)

  5. sooo pretty! :)

  6. wow loving your nails :)

  7. These remind me of watermelons for some reason! Very cute! Love the green tips!


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