Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pink Wednesday: I Heart Betsey Johnson

I absolutely LOVE Betsey Johnson! I have a few bags, some jewelry, and wish I could actually fit into her clothing, but alas my hips will never fit into her size 10. I'll just settle for using her for inspiration for manis.

I doubly loved this because of the nautical theme. I triply loved it because it's hot pink, black & White and silver. Just a whole lot of love for this one.

Here's the actual bag that inspired me:

So this is not an actual photo of my bag(because mine is beat to hell), but I do have this bag.
What I Used:
Base:China Glaze-Pink Voltage
Color: Sally Hanse Color Quick Chrome Pen-Silver Chrome Frost
Plates:Chains-BM12, Anchor-BM08

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