Sunday, February 26, 2012

So Many Polka Dots So Little Time!

I've been thinking about entering Chalkboard Nails' Polka Dot Contest, but I love polka dots so much I can't decide which one to enter. I decided to of course do a nail wheel again to practice and get all my ideas out. Also if you guys want to help me decide which one I should enter that'd be awesome too! ^-^

I broke out my trusty well loved dotting tools and got spotting. This is going to be a super long post with lots of pictures so hold on tight! hah

Sooo many nails...

Now be prepared for each nail described one by one. 

1-Base:Sally Hansen Innocent Nude, Tips:Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Presto Pink Dots:China Glaze White on White

2-Base:Confetti Lonesome Dove, Dots:Sinful Colors Innocent, China Glaze For Audrey, Wet n' Wild Megalast On a Trip

3-Base:Unnamed nude, Dots:China Glaze White on White

4-Base: Hard Candy Beetle (I LOVE this polish, and had totally forgotten about it! It's a great duochrome with hues of copper, gold, green, pink, and yellow), Dots:China Glaze Luxe

5-Base:Wet n' Wild On A Trip, Dots: China Glaze Refresh Mint

 6-Base:Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe, Crackle:China Glaze Black Mesh, Tips:Wet N' Wild Ebony Hates Chris, Dots: China Glaze White on White

7-Base:China Glaze Techno Teal, Crackle: China Glaze Crushed Candy, Tips:China Glaze White on White, Dots:China Glaze Techno Teal

8-Base: Color Club Beyond the Misteltoe, Crackle: China Glaze Crushed Candy, Tips:China Glaze White on White, Dots:China Glaze For Audrey

9-Base:China Glaze Flying Dragon, Dots:China Glaze Purple Pop, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, China Glaze High Hopes, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover

All the dots on this one are from China Glaze 2010 collection Up & Away, I loved all these colors and bough half the collection off Amazon (for probably too much hah), along with my first stamping kit (the original Bundle Monster one). It was pretty much what got me into nail polish, before that all I owned were shades of black and possibly a hot pink. haha Because of that I'll hold a special place in my heart for it ^-^

One more, fun photo for the road ;)

Anyone else have a special polish or collection, or even makeup product that they love a little more than all the others? What did you guys think about all these nails?! Love it, or hate it?


  1. CUTE nails!!! I'm also a nail junkie, and I love sparkles and nailstones :D

    1. Thanks! Welcome fellow nail junkie! hehe I not only love sparkles and nailstones, but I'm OBSESSED! hah

  2. For sure #9 is my favorite! Followed by #2.

    1. Thanks for your opinion! I have to say I agree with you.

  3. I think they're all really cute but my favs are #9-love the bright colors,#5 the uniform size and spacing is perfect & #7 just cause it's so unexpected :D


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