Monday, August 6, 2012

52 Week Challenge: Need Marble Mani

I was doing so good for so long.

Now I'm weeks... scratch that, months behind on the challenge. Will I be able to catch up before December 31st?! Will my nails ever regrow?! Will I have enough polish to finish the job?! Will I look like a complete fool walking around with Easter nails in the middle of the Summer?! (Likely, hah) Stay tuned to find out...

For my first new post back from hiatus, I decided to try to catch up on the 52 Week Challenge. When I saw that this week's challenge was a needle marble..well let's just say I was less than thrilled. I've never tried it before but marbling in general was never my favorite. I do have to say it was a quick and pretty easy mani to do, and I suppose for that reason a good one to start with. 

Quick and dirty! I didn't clean up, properly file nails, or car about my horribly dry cuticles. Some may call it being lazy, I'll call it being"edgy". hah I promise next time I'll be better.

I was pretty pissed that right after I finished this mani, I saw this amazing one. I really don't feel like doing my nails all over again though. Plus my nails are far too short for any kind of french design right now anyway. *sigh* As you can see my index finger is shot. It split and cracked a few days ago and made me sad.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pink/Black/Silver Lightning Bolt Tips

As promised! ^.^
Yet another post from "The Graveyard"
Another attempt to recreate Nailside's lightening double bolt mani. Check out the tutorial here! Seeing this reminds me how much I loved doing these, and I think I may have to try this again soon.

Apologies for the not so great photos

What I Used:
Base Color: City Color-Unnamed Pink Jelly
Tips: Sinful Colors- Black on Black
          Wet n' Wild-Silvivor

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I could possibly be the worst blogger ever. hah I'm going to try to post again soon, but right now my nails are chipped, broken, and cracked(oh and dyed pink from dying my hair hah). I think I have some old posts that maybe I'll show you guys.
Sorry for being MIA for so damn long. Life has seriously been crazy.
<3 you guys!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pink Wedn-ursday: St Paddy's Day Edition.

I've decided to title these nails "4 AM" hah.. The stamping of these lips came out messy and it reminds me of those late nights out, when your makeup is disaster, your hair is wild, and overall you're just a disheveled version of what you looked like 5 hours before. hah You guys know what I'm talking about... haha
So just a side note, I went to my favorite store to pick up some more Seche Vite, and also got my first Essie polishes yesterday, and I'm beyond excited! I don't know why I never got any before, but I will definitely be buying more in the future. The formula is great and Super Bosa Nova worked great for stamping, and Pretty Edgy covered the tips in one coat! I got some gorgeous colors too, with subtle duochrome micro glitters. I can't wait to use the rest of them!
I actually really liked the foliage, so I kept it in for a fun "bonus pic" haha

What  I Used:
Base: Maybelline Express Finish Blushing Bride
Lips: Essie Super Bossa Nova
Tips: Pretty Edgy

Monday, March 12, 2012

St Paddy's Day Nails-Part 2!

Here's my St. Paddy's NOTD for today! They were supposed to be double lightening bolts like I did here, but I tried to freehand them and do it without tape and it didn't work so well. I'm not entirely sure what they look like now.. maybe more like some weird abstract flower, but they're green so that's all that matter hah.
I know yesterday I said I was going to use Sinful Colors Irish Green a lot this week, but after using it today I think I'm changing my mind. It wasn't opaque at all and more resembled a jelly polish with a lot of VNL after 2 coats. Just wasn't a fan.
Today I discovered, if I actually put my hand right new to my window it makes for some good light. ha
What I Used:
Base:Sinful Colors Irish Green
Dark "Bolt":OPI Here Today...Aragon tomorrow
Tips:Milani Hi-Tech

Sunday, March 11, 2012

52 Week Challenge: St. Paddy's Day Nails

As I have mentioned before, I love me a drinking holiday. Also I'm likely part Irish (who in the hells knows, I'm full of European DNA), so I'm all about St. Paddy's Day. That being said, I'm making this a week of all St. Paddy's Day nails. Yay! Who's excited?!?
Get ready for part 1!
My trusty dotting tool in action again! I'm really feeling the dotted nails, and the base green on those nails! It's almost a dark green jelly with green glitter. That abomination on my index finger is supposed to be a shamrock, but I failed miserably. It's been a little while since I freehanded a design like that. It's a good thing you can't see my left hand, it's horrible.
Who says stripes and dots don't mix?!
I used one of my stripping brushes for this nail. Next time I do this I'm not going to do a light color directly down the middle, it's very distracting imo. Also the stripes were supposed to be random and not symmetrical, but somehow I think I managed to make them mirror each other.

What I Used:
Dotted nails-Base: Finger Paints Mistletoe Mischief
Dots: Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone
Index-Base: Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone
Shamrock: Orly Luxe
Thumb-Stripes:Sinful Colors Irish Green (You'll likely be seeing this again this week hah)
Finger Paints Mistletoe Mischief
Confetti My Favorite Martian
Milani Hi-Tech

Thursday, March 8, 2012

52 Week Challenge: Vintage Nails

This is waaay late!! Sorry about that guys... I was overly excited about this theme and over thought it. hah I do that.. Also last week was kinda crazy for me.
So, I guess I decided to do a "Neo-Vintage" design, because I always think of cherries when I think of vintage. I guess that's somewhat of a modern take on vintage though. I also of course left my half-moons bare in homage of the manis from the 20's/30's/etc. They got a little messed up because I did them last night and for some reason they weren't dry when I went to bed a good 6 hours after I did them. I really have to invest in some Seche Vite again real soon! Ok, done talking, enjoy! ^_^
Decided to have some fun in Lightroom ;)

For the accent nail I mixed some of my loose glitter (a mix of light green and light green holo) with topcoat and packed it on with a square nail art brush. To make all the half moons I used paper hole reinforces, and then touched up with a small nail art brush. 

BAM! Look at all that glitter!!!
What I Used:
Base: Finger Paints Don't Make a Scene
Cherries:Wet n' Wild Red Red
Finger Paints Go Van Gough (stems)
China Glaze White on White (highlight)